More than 200 public high school students and teachers from across the state will gather at West Virginia University Saturday, Nov. 2, for the annual Spanish Language and Culture Immersion Retreat CHISPA (Campamento Hispano Internacional Siempre Amigos) sponsored by the WVU Extension Service and the WVU Department of Foreign Languages. All events will be held at the NationalResearchCenter for Coal and Energy (NRCCE) on the Evansdale campus.

The learn-by-doing experience features films, small discussion groups, classes, music, games, art exhibits, food, dance and other experiences focused on Spanish and Spanish-speaking peoplesdiverse cultures.

“Recent world events are teaching us in the United States that we need more understanding of other countries and cultures,”said Richard Fleisher, WVU Extension specialist and co-coordinator of the event.

Saturday evening at 8 p.m., the CHISPA community will merge their respective classes into one large celebration called”Latin American Dance Party.”

Participants will be guided by 40 volunteer instructors whose native countries include Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras and Spain. Sessions are tailored to each participants age and ability level.