The University Libraries are pleased to announce a library exhibit about the WVU Electronic Thesis&Dissertation program.  Thisexhibitwas featured during the Fall 2002 semester in the new Downtown Campus Library (DCL) Atrium and is now available online.  This display includes multimedia components; a virtual kiosk with various demos about the WVU ETD program.  The demo material is available online as follows:

* WVU ETD Program Demo*
Multimedia video, sound and image clips of actual WVU ETDs&program informational slides projector format) format) Free Flash Player 6.0

Greetings&SalutationsOpening background music(MP3)

Dissertation BluesClosing background music(MP3)

*Survey of WVU Multimedia ETDs

* ETD 2003 Berlin

Additional program information and collection access can be found at by contacting John H. Hagen of the University Libraries at