West Virginia Universitys Office of Student Affairs will present an Outstanding Achievement Award and induct three into their Student Affairs Hall of Fame at the annual Student Affairs awards ceremony Wednesday, Oct. 2.

“The ceremony allows us to recognize those who have provided excellent service to the students of WVU ,”explained Vice President for Student Affairs Ken Gray.

This year, the University will honor James R. McCartney with the Student Affairs Outstanding Achievement Award for his life-long commitment to higher education.

“Mr. McCartneys long-standing commitment to serving his country, state and the University have been unparalleled,”Gray said.

While at WVU , McCartney was student body president from 1940-41 and a member of the Mountaineer basketball team.

After leaving the University, his commitment to higher education continued with service in various capacities, including serving as a member of the West Virginia Board of Regents, a trustee of the WVU Alumni Association Loyalty Permanent Endowment Fund, a member of the Board of Trustees for West Virginia Wesleyan College, and as a long-time chapter advisor for the Gamma Delta Chapter of the WVU Delta Tau Delta Fraternity.

McCartneys state service began when he was elected Secretary of State, a position he held from 1975-77 and continued with membership in several committees and organizations, including serving on the West Virginia 4-H Club Foundation Board of Directors.

He and his wife, Katy, have been married for 52 years and are the parents of five children and four grandchildren.

Three former WVU employees also will be inducted into the Student Affairs Hall of Fame: Geraldine C. Belmear, Arlene T. Hahn and Emma M. Jackson.

In 1978, as the Student Advisor for the first Black Student Office, Belmear initiated and implemented new programs and publications that contributed to the growth and well-being of WVU s African-American students.

She also planned and initiated leadership workshops and conferences for the WVU African-American population and was pivotal in developing the current Center for Black Culture and Research.

Belmear also worked for West Virginia Extension, where she planned and conducted BarbourCountys first 4-H camp for African-American children.

She graduated from West Virginia State College in 1940 with a bachelors of science degree in home economics and in 1962 she received a masters of science degree in home economic education from WVU .

From 1965-81, Hahn served as the administrative associate/receptionist in Towers Residence Halls, where she supported staff and students within the Evansdale Residential Complex.

In 1981, Hahn began a new career as the office manager for the Office of Student Life. She retired in 1990.

Because of her dedication and strong work ethic, she was once named the WVU Quarterly Employee of the Month.

In nominating her, co-workers described her as”warm, caring, smart, organized, efficient and an extremely humble and modest human being.”

Hahn is a member of the SpruceStreetMethodistChurch. She and her husband, Arthur, have been married for 54 years. They have two sons (one deceased) and three grandchildren.

For 31 years, Jackson served as the room assignments clerk/assistant with the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Jackson also took her responsibilities seriously and was also awarded the WVU Quarterly Employee of the Year in 1995.

According to former supervisor Beverly Taylor, Jackson was a valuable employee. Her position demanded she be many things to many people. Whether the situation was a disgruntled parent or some other difficult situation, Jackson received numerous compliments about her consistently warm response no matter the issue, Taylor said.

Jackson is a member of Mount HermonBaptistChurch. She has been married for 36 years to husband, Fred. She has three stepchildren and a son, Lewis.

This is the fifth year Student Affairs Hall of Fame awards have been presented.