Landowners will learn how to better manage their woodlands at a free wildlife and forestry education program Oct. 24-27 at Camp Caesar, near Cowen in Webster County.

The Coverts Project is cosponsored by the West Virginia University Extension Service and the Ruffed Grouse Society, in cooperation with various natural resources agencies in the state.

After the workshop, participants will also be able to serve their communities by teaching others about forest and wildlife stewardship. This is the first time a Coverts workshop will be held in West Virginia. Wildlife biologists, forest managers and Extension specialists will explain such topics as forest ecology, wildlife and forest management, estate planning and outreach training methods.

Any woodland property owner who has no formal training in natural resources management can apply for the free workshop. Special exceptions may be made for teachers or other interested community representatives wishing to attend. All meals, lodging and educational materials are provided free to workshop participants.

The application form can be found on the Appalachian Hardwood Center’s Web page at Completed forms should be sent by Oct. 1 to Dave McGill, West VirginiaUniversity, P.O. Box 6125, MorgantownWV26506-6125.

For more information, contact McGill at 304-293-2941, ext. 2474; or by email at