Tired of staring at a blank screen while the deadline for a research paper fast approaches? Spending hours scouring the Internet for information about the Polk Administration and its effects on the presidency? Confused about footnotes and endnotes?

The Downtown Campus Library has the solution.

Along with being the home of more than 428,000 volumes, 10,000 online journals and many other electronic databases, the library is offering assistance for students struggling with research papers.

The semester-long clinic, open to all students on a walk-up basis, is held from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday in Room 1028 of the library.

It will help students:

  • Find a research topic or a focus that fits the assignment

  • Search for information

  • Discover the best way to find needed information

  • Organize information into a structured paper

  • Understand those pesky documentation and citation formats

“A lot of students feel overwhelmed by all the information the library has,”said Kelly Diamond, a librarian who teaches English II.”We hope this will help guide them.”

For more information, contact Kelly Diamond at kdiamond@mail.wvu.edu .