A joint effort between West Virginia Universitys Honors Program and the WVU Research Corporation will now help link undergraduate researchers with faculty members via the internet.

“For undergraduates taking on major research projects, connecting with faculty who can provide support, guidance and expertise is of fundamental importance,”said Keith Garbutt, University Honors Program director.”To aid in this process, a new online resource has been developed that helps students identify suitable mentors easily and effectively.”

This new web project will allow students to submit information about their research interests and be linked with professors willing to supervise similar projects.

Grant monies are available to fund studentssupplies and other necessities through the WVU Research Corporation. Professors can apply for this on the web site.

The service is open to students of all disciplines, not just those in the sciences, Dr. Garbutt said, and professors are encouraged to submit information about any available opportunities.

The Honors Office will match students and professors with corresponding interests if the professor so desires. Professors may also stipulate requirements for student researchers such as grade-point average, class standing and pre-requisite courses.

Garbutt hopes the web site will increase interest and participation in undergraduate research at WVU .

“Research can be a valuable learning experience, giving students new insights into their chosen field,”he said.

In addition to research opportunities, the site also lists internship openings.

Professors and students can register for this program through the Internships and Research link athttp://www.honors.wvu.edu. Internship notices can be posted on the site by submitting them to uhp@wvu.edu .