Physics, education and biology will be just a few of the many topics presented by honors students completing graduation requirements at Fridays (April 12) 1 p.m. Honors Symposium in the Mountainlair Greenbrier Room. Its part of annual Weekend of Honors activities.

According to Keith Garbutt, Honors Program Director, all WVU honor students are required to preform original research as part of a 6-credit hour course in order to complete their thesis requirements for graduation.

“These are all exceptional studentsmany of whom will go on to be research professionals in their chosen fields,”Dr. Garbutt noted.

The University Honors Program gives students the opportunity to engage in undergraduate research, guided study, undergraduate theses and the chance to study abroad.

Garbutt said the Honors Program attempts to insure that students receive the best instruction in a variety of disciplines, giving them the opportunity to become”truly liberally educated,”while engaging in stimulating, creative and thought-provoking discussions.