West Virginia Universitys Weekend of Honors will include a special ceremony whereby students who have attained at least junior status will receive their official class ring.

President David C. Hardesty Jr. and his wife, Susan, will present the rings at 1 p.m. Sunday, April 14, at Erickson Alumni Center. A reception will follow.

“The WVU class ring is a symbol of the University and is the studentsconnection to WVU ,”said Mrs. Hardesty, chair of the Mountaineer Parents Club.”The ring is an identifiable WVU symbol and links those who wear it with the tradition of excellence on our campus. Its also a way for those who wear it to always feel a part of the WVU family.”

The ringdesigned by the WVU Alumni Association, University representatives and studentsshowcases the”Flying WV,”perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the University. The popular trademark is on the face over a laurel wreath background and encircled with the words”West Virginia University.”The face also provides an option for a gemstone insert.

One side of the ring features a representation of the bronze Mountaineer statue that stands in front of the Mountainlair. Behind the Mountaineer is a recreation of the clock atop historic Woodburn Hall. On the other side is the WVU seal and the owners graduation date.

Students may order class rings through the WVU book stores.

Ring Day ceremonies are held several times a year.