Loretta Ucelli, a 1976 WVU Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism graduate and former director of White House Communications for President Bill Clinton, will visit her alma mater Friday, Feb. 8, to discuss crisis communication.

Ucelli also will be inducted Feb. 9 into the WVU Academy of Distinguished Alumni, becoming the fifth SOJ graduate to be inducted into the esteemed academy.

“Alumni like Ms. Ucelli help to remind us, our students and those thinking about coming to the University of how priceless this gift of higher education can be,”said SOJ Dean Christine Martin.

Until January 2001, Ucelli served as assistant to the president and director of White House Communications for President Bill Clinton. In that capacity, she was the highest-ranking communication staff member in the West Wing.

Ucelli was responsible for managing and directing every message, every picture, every sound bite, every video, every speech and every appearance associated with the president and his staff.

“We are proud to have Ms. Ucelli, a woman once in charge of communicating the President’s policies to the American people, as our alumna,”Martin said.

Prior to working in the Clinton administration, Ucelli held key positions in the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Association of Broadcasters and the American Federation of Government Employees.

She now serves as the executive vice president and general manager and global chair of issues and crises management for Edelman Public Relations Worldwide in New York, where she continues to spearhead the expert management of worldwide communications.

In spring 2001, she visited the University campus as the keynote speaker for the School of of Journalism’s graduation, and she shared with students her insights, experience and inspiration. Ucelli is a former reporter, anchor and news director. A native of Staten Island, N.Y., she graduated with a bachelors degree in journalism. She is active in various civic, community and professional activities.