The West Virginia University Department of Public Safety is urging students to exercise caution following a recent robbery near campus.

Morgantown Police are investigating the Dec. 2 strong-armed robbery of two WVU students near the Walnut Street Bridge. While no one was injured and little of value was stolen, officials want students and others to be on the alert.

“While Morgantown is considered safe by the national average, and although serious violent crime doesnt happen very often, this incident should serve as a reminder that we arent crime-free,”said WVU Police Lt. Randy Friend.

Personal robbery prevention can be summed up by a list of common sense tips, Friend said. They include:

  • When traveling on foot or by car, pay attention to your surroundings. If you sense something is wrong, leave the area immediately
  • When traveling at night on foot, travel in numbers of two or more
  • When walking alone, walk briskly and confidently. Avoid isolated areas, short cuts and deserted parking lots
  • Avoid going to ATM machines after dark
  • Dont flash large sums of cash, jewelry or other expensive items
  • If you see someone suspicious, or feel you are being followed, go to a populated or well-lighted area with a telephone
  • Dont be afraid to call police if you suspect you are being followed. Safety phones are located throughout campus. Call 911 or 293-COPS.
  • If you are the victim of a robbery, follow the instructions of the robber
  • Do not argue or attempt to fight with your assailant

The motive in most robberies is to steal, and once the robber has what they want, they will leave, Friend said.

“Thats exactly what you want them to do,”he added.”Comply with their requests and remember that money, jewelry and other valuables can be replaced. Never do anything or take any action that may increase your risk of being a victim of physical violence.”

If you are a victim of a robbery, make a mental note of the description of the robber. If a vehicle is involved, try to get the license number if safe to do so, Friend said.

“Quick reporting and a good description may give police the information they need to apprehend the suspect,”Friend said.

Anyone with information about the recent robbery should contact the Morgantown Police Detective Unit at 304-284-7522, or WVU DPS , 293-3136.