Students from West Virginia Universitys Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism and Marshall University will team up in Huntington Sunday (Dec. 9) to produce a live, 30-minute news broadcast to be aired throughout the state.

“This is a capstone experience for students who have been striving all year to learn all aspects of producing a television newscast,”said WVU Associate Professor and Broadcast Chair Maryanne Reed.”A live broadcast will top off the year, giving students a chance to really show their skills.”

Six students from WVU and three from Marshall will participate in the 1 p.m. show being shot at WPBY studios in Marshalls Communications Building on Third Avenue.

Reed said the 30-minute broadcast is a once-a-semester production that gives students the experience of producing a live, statewide newscast that will link stories from different parts of the state.

Students will learn how to coordinate production when there are two teams involved, Reed said. They will also learn the differences between live shows and taped shows, she said.

“You have to get it right the first time, or it will air regardless,”Reed said.

This broadcast is special for students because it brings together all they have learned, from reporting stories to producing the newscast. The show will also be twice as long as any broadcast WVU students have produced for their classes.

As part of their curriculum, WVU students gain experience and exposure by producing their own TV news program, WVU News, for statewide airing on West Virginia Public Television.