West Virginia Universitys minority doctoral students will soon have new opportunities to hone their teaching skills while at the same time add diversity to the states higher education system.

Thanks to a program initiated by the Chancellors Office of the Higher Education Policy Commission, five minority doctoral students under the newly formed WVU Academic Partnership Program for Minority Teaching Fellows will teach at Fairmont State, Glenville State, Potomac State College of WVU and WVU Parkersburg beginning in January.

“This new program will give our minority doctoral students the chance to develop their teaching skills outside of the typical WVU setting,”said WVU Provost Gerald Lang, whose office will oversee the program.”It also will provide a valuable opportunity for students to learn from, and about, those of other backgrounds and cultures.”

Jennifer McIntosh, WVU executive officer for Social Justice, commended the move, saying that her office will provide support and assistance as needed.

“This new partnership is consistent with the Universitys commitment to upholding diversity in statewide educational institutions,”McIntosh said.”It also will provide excellent teaching experiences for both our minority doctoral students and those whom they will teach. We are pleased to be a part of this very fine venture.”

Teaching fellows will receive a stipend and travel expenses for teaching two, three-hour classes for one semester.

WVU English Professor Cheryl Torsney will be the faculty leader and serve as mentor to the teaching fellows. She also will facilitate communications between the partnering schools.

For more information on the program, call the Provosts Office, 304-293-5701, or Charlie Morris, WVU Presidents Office for Social Justice, 304-293-5496.