Jeffrey Fritz, principal network engineer for West Virginia Universitys Office of Information Technology, has been named as the director of network services at WVU . He will begin his new duties September 1.

I am very pleased that he has accepted this position,said WVU Chief Information Officer Ken Orgill.Jeffs knowledge and experience are essential in promoting the full utilization and reliability of the WVU campus network.

Fritz, a thirteen-year employee of WVU , has been instrumental in designing three campus�€wide networks, including the current ATM campus network. He has worked in the development of the Next Generation Internet (also known as Internet 2) and pioneered early work with ISDN data applications.

A WVU alumnus, he obtained a bachelors degree in electrical engineering in 1974 and a masters degree in electrical engineering in 1991.

Fritz is a featured speaker in national technical conferences such as ComNet, Interop and the Gigabit Ethernet Conference. He is also the author of a number of articles appearing in national trade publications and has written two books:Sensible ISDN Data Applications,published by WVU Press (now Vandalia Press) andRemote LAN Access: a guide for networkers and the rest of us,published by Prentice-Hall.