U.S. News and World Report has issued its 2002 rankings of best graduate schools, listing eight programs at West Virginia University among the best in the nation.

WVU ’s rehabilitation counseling program was ranked 18th out of more than 80 programs in the nation, and its clinical psychology program was ranked 36th out of 108 putting both in the top tier of programs.

Also WVU s School of Medicine rural medicine and community medicine programs placed 16th and 27th respectively.

“These rankings come from your peers in other universities, and WVU has had a strong reputation in the field in general �€�€given our research efforts, the quality of our graduates and the reputation of the faculty, which has published three major books in the field as well as journal articles and book chapters.”said Dr. Margaret Glenn, who now heads the rehabilitation counseling program.

In the WVU College of Human Resources and Education, the rehabilitation counseling program trains counselors to work with people who have physical or psychological disabilities. Graduating about 17 students each year, it has also been ranked as high as seventh out of 77 accredited programs by the Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling , one of the profession’s most prestigious journals.

WVU s clinical psychology program began in 1968 and enrolls about 40 students with an emphasis in adult and child psychology. This year, students in the program nominated it for the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapys Outstanding Training Program. The students cited its faculty and a supportive and collegial atmosphere among the programs best qualities.

Dr. Kevin Larkin heads the program.”I think our ranking reflects the way we train our students,”he said.”We use a �€~junior colleague model,which means that we relate to our students as colleagues. They publish with us, teach courses, sit on our departmental committees �€including the faculty evaluation committee. This model of training enables our students to make the transition to being faculty members at other academic institutions much easier, and we have a good record of placement for academic positions.”

In fact, a recent article in Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice ranks the program at 26th for the number of students who have gone on to current faculty appointments in clinical programs accredited by the American Psychological Association �€13th if considered over the past 10 years.

WVU s College of Law was ranked in the third tier of institutions. Others programs highly rated in the annual guide were speech pathology, 58th; public administration, 65th; and psychology, 157th.

Each year the magazine ranks colleges and schools using objective data and data based on reputation collected through surveys of deans, faculty and administrators of accredited graduate programs.