Registration for 2001 summer and fall classes begins next week for West Virginia University students. For the first time students will be able to register online at .

WVU professional and graduate students can register online starting at 7 a.m. Monday, March 12. The online registration system will be open 24 hours a day until 11 p.m. Saturday, March 17.

The system will re-open Monday, March 19, at 7 a.m., at which time seniors with 89 or more credit hours can begin registering.

The online system will operate each week from 7 a.m. Monday through 11 p.m. Saturday. Students will be able to register on or after their priority registration dates as follow:

Graduates/Professional �€Monday, March 12
Seniors (89+ hrs.) �€Monday, March 19
Juniors (59-88 hrs.) �€Monday, April 2
Sophomores (29-58 hrs.) �€Saturday, April 7
Freshmen (0-28 hrs.) �€Monday, April 16

Students must meet with their academic advisors to receive their Term PIN and complete the STAR Registration Form before using the online system, said Cheng Khoo, director of WVU Admissions and Records.

He also advised students and advisors to keep a copy of their registration form. He added that students should protect their privacy by closing their web browsers after completing their online registration.

The current IVR telephone registration will remain in service at 293-2892 or 888-988-4487.