West Virginia Universitys P.I.Reed School of Journalism is accepting applications for its web-based, 15-credit on-line Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Graduate Certificate Program.

The program begins during Summer Session I, May 22-June 29, and enrollment is ongoing until 25 slots are filled.

WVU is the only U.S college or university offering a complete IMC Graduate Certificate via distance learning on the World Wide Web, according to Dean Christine Martin.

The on-line program consists of five courses. One course is offered per semester, and each course is a pre-requisite for the next. The first sequence of courses begins with an introductory overview, offered during the first summer session. A new sequence of classes may begin in fall 2001, depending on the demand.

Admission requirements for the on-line graduate certificate include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, a GPA of 2.75 or higher and access to a computer with an Internet connection. Residents across the United States may apply.

IMC is a consumer-based, cutting-edge process that requires coordination of market research and analysis, direct marketing, public relations and advertising, using sophisticated technology and a consumer-centered approach. The IMC model is being adopted by many top public relations, advertising and marketing firms in America, and jobs for skilled IMC professionals are plentiful.

“Interest in the program has been tremendous, especially professionals in the field who can complete the program without interrupting their work schedules,”said IMC On-line Graduate Certificate Coordinator Robyn Blakeman.

On-line applications can be found at the following web site:http://www.arc.wvu.edu/admissions/applications.html. After submitting the application via the web, potential students must also contact Blakeman by phone, 304-293-3505 ext. 5411, or e-mailrblakema@wvu.edu “> rblakema@wvu.edu .