West Virginias citizens will soon have an opportunity to give something back to a place that has touched so many lives, both young and old: WVU Jacksons Mill.

A new group, called”Friends of Jacksons Mill,”has brought together individuals and organizations from throughout the state that treasure and support”The Mill,”wish to preserve its past and ensure its future. It will also support the facilitys strategic plan and goals, as expressed by the West Virginia University Extension Service.

The groups official debut is scheduled from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 1, in the WVU Jacksons Mill Assembly Hall. This special event includes a sneak preview of the `Friends new promotional and membership materials, a brief update on the new master plan for WVU Jacksons Mill and the opportunity for those interested to become charter members in the organization.

The Weston facility has a long and storied history. In 1921, Jacksons Mill became the nations first state 4-H camp through an act of the West Virginia Legislature, and was assigned to the care of the WVU Extension Service. It has become an important venue for youth activities, adult education and special events.

The Friends objectives include: conducting, sponsoring, and facilitating programs and events that will increase the visibility of WVU Jacksons Mill; raising funds to support services and activities not covered by the facilitys budget; encouraging community involvement and volunteerism in WVU Jacksons Mill-related activities; educating West Virginias citizens about its history and past contributions; and introducing them to the exciting future opportunities Jacksons Mill can provide.

Featured speakers at the debut include: Mary Kay Cote, founder of the”Friends of Jacksons Mill;”Susan Hardesty, WVU “First Lady”and chairperson of the Mountaineer Parents Club; Larry Cote, associate provost for WVU Extension and Public Service; and David Mann, executive director of WVU Jacksons Mill.

For more information on the Friends of Jacksons Mill, contact Mary Kay Cote or Helen Hardman at 304-269-5100, ext. 107.