West Virginia University President David C. Hardesty Jr. today (Sept. 21) was elected to the board of trustees of the National 4-H Council. Hardestys appointment was confirmed at the fall annual meeting of the board, held in a suburb of Chicago, Ill.

“David Hardestys demonstrated commitment to youth, and youth leadership, makes him an outstanding addition to our board,”said Donald T. Floyd, Jr., president and CEO of National 4-H Council.

“His work in building West Virginia University to be an institution that is innovative, student-centered and engaged with communities fits perfectly with our mission of building the skills and capacities of youth.”

National 4-H Council is the national, private nonprofit partner of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension System (CES) of state land-grant universities. National 4-H Council focuses on supporting 4-H and innovative youth development and fosters innovation and shared learning for youth workers and young leaders.

“It is indeed an honor to serve on the board of an organization whose progressive work with youth has a major impact on the people and the communities of West Virginia and the nation,”Hardesty said.”The 4-H movement has produced many great leaders, and I look forward to my involvement with an organization that believes in and works toward a brighter future for youth.”

Hardesty noted that 4-H and WVU have a shared commitment to teaching, service and leadership development. WVUs Extension Service delivers 4-H programs to more than 44,000 youth in all 55 counties of West Virginia. Each year, thousands of 4-H youth participate in camps, conferences and workshops at the WVU Jacksons Mill campus, site of the nations first state 4-H camp.