Teacher education leaders from West Virginia University and around the state will meet as part of the Benedum Collaborative from 8:15 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 22, at Lakeview Scanticon Resort and Conference Center.

WVU teachers of education, as well as public school principals and teachers, are invited to attend the day-long retreat, titled Advance 2000.

The purpose of the meeting, said Van Dempsey, WVU Benedum Collaborative director, is to help WVU professionals and public school leaders share exemplary classroom practices and to create ways to build strong leadership teams within the public school system and the University.

It also will help schools focus on initiatives for education renewal and ways to develop and sustain a strong professional development network with the Benedum Collaborative, a WVU – based program designed to improve the way public school teachers are taught.

WVU has one of the finest teacher education programs in the nation. Its unique five-year teacher education program prepares hundreds of students annually to lead the nations youth through cutting-edge learning strategies. The program also serves as a model for other programs nationwide.

Students in the WVU program earn a bachelors in their teaching subject area and masters degrees in education during the five years, following an extensive program that integrates course work with actual classroom teaching experience at more than 17 professional schools statewide.

For information on the Benedum Collaborative and/or retreat, call 304-293-6762.