WVUToday, West Virginia University’s award-winning news website, today (Feb. 2) debuted a new vehicle to help tell the stories of the University.

The launch of iJared: the story of one student’s journey is the first in an occasional series of stories that will be told on microsites, or self-contained sites auxiliary to the main WVUToday web page.

WVUToday Features will tell stories of student, faculty or staff achievement; innovative, groundbreaking or cutting-edge programs; or other ways the University fulfills its land-grant mission in the 21st Century. Other key topics will be research, diversity and international connections.

The first WVUToday Feature is iJared, the story of Jared Crawford, a senior and WVU’s 20th Truman Scholar.

Crawford’s interests have involved him in humanitarian efforts, community outreach, entrepreneurial success and brought elite accolades. The most complete way to tell his story is through a small, self-contained website with its own look and feel.

Check WVUToday daily for the latest news from the University, and watch for a new WVUToday Feature every few weeks.



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