West Virginia University’s International Student Organization is hosting the first annual International Dance Night Saturday, Nov. 14.

The dance will be from 6-9 p.m. in the Blue and Gold Ballrooms of the Evansdale Residential Complex.

Although this is the first year for the International Dance Night, ISO hopes it will continue to showcase different cultures through the art of dance for many years to come.

“A lot of people have never been to other countries and they do not have a lot of opportunities to get a closer view of other cultures. By providing more cultural activities, such as International Dance Night, we are hoping to bring different cultures to the students and allow them to meet and share their views,” said Eileen Huang, ISO president.

The event will feature instruction on Latin, Swing, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Salsa, Square and Belly dances. Students will be taught the techniques then will have time to practice what they learned. Much of the instruction will be taught by WVU student organizations or faculty.

“It will be one of the easiest ways to showcase different cultures and bring the students together. Enjoying the dances will be a good way to accomplish this goal. During the International Festival, a lot of domestic students said the display of cultural activities, such as dance, was great. They were very interested in participating,” Huang said.

All students are welcome to attend International Dance Night.

For more information please contact Huang at Hua.Huang@mail.wvu.edu.



CONTACT: Samantha Cossick, International Student Organization
724-710-0189, scossick@mail.wvu.edu